Losing a home or property to foreclosure is a stressful and frightening thought and a lot of individuals and families are facing this problem every day. If you fell behind in your mortgage payments and are facing risk of losing your home, we can help.

Mortgage companies are still offering numerous loan modification programs. We can help the homes owners at their difficult economic situations to analyze their finances, prepare documents for the loan modification process and negotiate loan modification with the lender.

In some cases, there is no time to initiate the loss mitigation options such as modification of the loan. When time is no longer on your side, you need a guaranteed way to stop foreclosure. Professionals of the Rotstein Law Office will represent you during Mediation under State of Washington Foreclosure Fairness Program or Bankruptcy proceedings. Filing appropriate legal documents under either options will stop foreclosure immediately.

There are several ways to attack pending foreclosure. Unfortunately, time is not on your side when the lender elects to foreclose.

If you have received a notice of default or notice of foreclosure from your mortgage company or homeowners association, it is critical that you contact attorney’s office as soon as possible. For a legal advice of the legal professionals contact Rotstein Law Office by calling us at our office number (206) 579-8823 or by completing the interactive Contact Form.