If you cannot pay your taxes, we can help you to find a legal solution to your tax problems. Our firm can help you negotiate your tax debts directly with the IRS or to discharge some of your taxes in a bankruptcy.

Ignoring tax debt and hope that it will go away will lead to more interest and penalties. The longer you wait, the more you will have to pay. The IRS has extensive powers to collect back taxes and can garnish wages, levy bank accounts, take monetary benefits, and sell taxpayers’ assets.

If you owe taxes, you have these options to resolve your tax debt problems – negotiation with the IRS, filing bankruptcy or combination of these proceedings. We can help you find the most effective solution to your tax problems.

Tax debts require an immediate action! Read on to learn more about the different service provided by Rotstein Law Office.

IRS tax debt relief

Discharging tax liability through bankruptcy

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