Dealing with the IRS is similar to traveling in a foreign country without speaking the language. You need a guide to help you. Don’t feel alone when face with the federal or state tax authorities. The tax professionals at Rotstein Law Office can help you to identify the best possible solution to your tax problems and permanently resolve them. We specialize in providing tax help to small businesses and individuals with past due tax debts. We are glad to offer many tax relief solutions, including:

– Offer in Compromise,

– Negotiation during collection of business taxes,

– Obtaining “Currently Not Collectible” status,

– Innocent spouse relief,

– Negotiation of Installment Agreements,

– Penalty and Interest reduction, and

– Tax levy, lien and wages garnishment release.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with the IRS is, that most people who owe taxes are not criminals. They just made a mistake and, now found themselves in a very vulnerable financial position owing back taxes. Everybody deserves a fresh start and Rotstein Law Office is the right place to ask for help.

Tax debts require an immediate action! To discuss your tax relief options during a free consultation, call us (206) 579-8823 or fil our Contact Form.